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Deanna Phillips

Check out this amazing affiliate site.

Its free to sign up, and there's a lot of great training video's inside.

How it works?

Just sign up for the three affiliate programs found inside

(yes this part does cost money, $1, $24.95, & $25)

You don't have to sign up for all of them but I do suggest it.  

Once you've done that, copy & paste your affiliate link for those programs

into the portals found on the main site.  

(don't worry, there are step-by-step instructional videos, its all very clear and straight forward)

I also suggest you sign up with click bank ($25) and input your ID into the site as well.

After you've done this just promote your affiliate link for 20minPayDay FREE site.  

(There are plenty of promotional tools inside including links to 2 different videos

with a choice of 2 backgrounds, or a plain squeeze page.  E-mail marketing

campaigns, and banner ads)

(If you don't know how to promote your affiliate link, or what a sqeeze page is

there is plenty of informational videos found inside for you to learn this)

How you get paid?

Its a ladder system, which you can learn more about inside,

but I'll do my best to explain it here if you want to read on.  

Basically for every paysite you signed up for, if anyone you reffered through

your affiliate links also signs up you get paid a comission.

For every paysite your not signed up for that your referals sign up for

the affiliate who reffered you will get the comission for it.  If they're also

not signed up for this paysite, then the affiliate who reffered them will get

the commission, and so on and so forth.  

P.S. You can also use the paysites you've just signed up for to activate even more

income streams and learn more about internet marketing.  

Article by:Deanna Phillips
Article posted: 2013-08-24 14:38:58