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Richard Holland

Don't disregard this to quickly, this could be the program of the year and this is a great time to get in as we are still in pre-launch. The program is explained in it's entirity at this site;

This is a 2X forced matrix with spill over and a new feature called Angels added to it to keep it going and everyone gets paid not just the guru's. I have a very good feeling about this one, it can be run with any business and give you a chance to advertise and get training at the same location, unlike many program you don't have to sponsor if you don't want and still get paid, the cost is $4 a week and ad packs are $2 each. you can buy 1 or 5 at launch, afterward you can buy no more than 50 in one day, the profits are rolled back into the program in the form of Angles which are just like a new member being place in rotation and creating an opportunity for rollover down to you!

Thats it in a nut shell. The only requirement to qualify for sponsor bonus is you must place one ad per day which most of us do anyway. That will entitle you to an additional sponsor bonus. This program is well put together and by The Bassetts who have come out of retirement to give an opportunity for everyone to make serious money with it, they themselves are also members of the program and on an equal playing field with the rest of us. Your maximum income without the sponsor bonus is $10,000 per month, more if you sponsor a few people in the form of a sponsor bonus. The more you have in the system the faster you will cycle, although in the beta test I cycled 4 times in a few hours. The launch will take place tonight @ 9 Pm EST. If you go to the site and it down go back later as there testing it to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

You'll be glad you did!

Richard Holland


Article by:Richard Holland
Article posted: 2012-04-04 13:50:21