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Promotion Online Using Traffic Exchanges

Sandra Tibble

Hi there,

I thought about the topic of how best to advertise your

product or services using Traffic Exchanges.


Basically if you are new, Traffic Exchanges are free to

join (few are not free), and the basics are you view my

website and I will view yours.


The owner builds their list as new signups come in

wanting free or paid advertising.  Obviously you get

more when you upgrade, much more - things like

saving time instead of surfing at a traffic exchange

and receiving .50 of a credit, you can get the whole

piece, 1 credit, upgrades save you time and if you

can leverage them make you money and use as

many Traffic Exchanges as you would like to make

more money.  Find my special link below my

signature for details and instant access.


Internet Marketing really is an art form that requires a

lot of patience and some very tedious things like

clicking for credits all day long if you have no money

and yet still, you are missing out in the end, as you

are working twice as hard clicking or a term called

surfing at the Traffic Exchanges, using your time to get

the same as a paid member.


I now encourage you to upgrade in as many sites

as you can and to read and utilise these Traffic

Exchanges by

a) adding your website, or landing or squeeze page url

b) using your banners (468x60, square banners (125x125)

c) use landing pages that capture emails if possible that

link to your website or better yet build your list instead.

d) use your text ad links, grab a catchy text ad verbiage

and send it out with a website that links to it.


It really is that simple. 


Make certain you always have your sites in rotation 24/7

so the whole wide world gets to view your advertisments,

you will leverage your time best and support your goals

of sign-ups and conversions when you can do this well.


The more you share your ads the more you will get optin's

or email addresses for your list building.  The more chances

to send out emails using a good autoresponder and then

converting these leads into sales.


Joining Traffic Exchanges is simple and try to use the same

id name and password for them all, to save you a headache

in remembering them all, you could end up like me, and join

over 100 of them in time.


On a more serious note, make certain that what you have is

promoted to the best of your ability and even if the ad sucks

or you do lol, as your ad is not being seen often (correct this by purchasing

or surfing for more credits, needless to say using what you

have already been given by the site owner, free advertising,

is only good if you USE IT!  Doing the right actions in the

right places are clues to your success, only if you are getting results!),

or in the right places meaning returning signups, only you

can determine that, if you are tracking where you are getting

results and from which ads, Traffic Exchange surfing, banners

or text ads. 


Look do not worry if you are not set up properly yet, just take

actions that will improve your goals every day.


I wish you well.



Sandra Tibble

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PS.  Make certain you are attending to these credits being

there for your promotions daily.  Either surf more or purchase

credits.  Did you know you can earn from referrals?  Do

try it, use the Affiliate Toolbox with your specially made

links unique to you.



Article by:Sandra Tibble
Article posted: 2015-09-18 21:18:28