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Team Atlantis' Amazing NPN Division

Didi Wargo


First I want to thank you for opening this email.  Truly this is an email that you'll be extremely happy that you paid attention to.  My name is Didi Wargo and I am the very proud Team Leader of Team Atlantis' NPN Division.   We are a team that is entirely focused on Global NPN.  Both its fantastic products and its amazing affiliate pay plan. 

What is Global NPN?

Global NPN, NPN for short, is a power house of network marketing products with an unparalleled compensation plan.

How will Team Atlantis' NPN Division assist you in building your 5 X 5 Matrix which converts to huge monthly commissions?

Team Atlantis allows unlmited referrals at all levels and your referrals are also allowed unlimited referrals and so on and so forth.  Your NPN downline and monthly commissions will skyrocket.

Okay, so how does NPN pay?

NPN will pay you three (3) ways.  You will receive monthly downline commissions, monthly referral commissions and monthly matching bonus commissions. 

And what are the amazing network marketing products that NPN will supply you with?

You will have an auto responder that works for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you will have an ad page creator, you will have a rotator, you will have an organizer and so very much more. Oh and if you join at Director Level, you will also have the amazing LeadSkimmer that generated 3 times the leads, 3 times the money and does it 3 times faster!

You will receive $10.75 to pay your first month in full if you join at the NPN Pro Level.  If you choose a higher level, you will only pay the difference between the cost of that level and the $10.75.

If you have any questions at all, please be sure to ask them. 

Didi Wargo, Atlantis Team Leader,

Article by:Didi Wargo
Article posted: 2012-02-21 11:47:44