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Print Money

doug baugher

Saving Money is fun. Printing money is fun.

I have recently started clipping coupons from those colorful slick pages that have been dropping out of my newspaper for years.  I never took the time to even look at them, until one day something caught my eye, there was a coupon for $1.50 of a tube of toothpaste.  I was just about to go to the store to get toothpaste and shampoo and deodorent anyways.  I started looking through the ads for coupons that I could use for the rest of my list.  I found a few more.

If you are new to frugal living like I am, there’s probably a lot of new-to-you information available. But if you’re an experienced coupon-clipper/sale-shopper/menu-planner then you probably won’t have as many lightbulb moments as you surf the Internet. Sure, it’s fun to discover a new way to save money or in this case print money for food and household items, but as a rule, the same basics (coupons, discounted produce, menu-planning, stockpiling) are preached by everyone for good reason: they work

I couldn't wait to go to the store now I was actually excited to go to the store and buy the items on my list and spend $5.00 less then I was about to spend before I clipped the new currency from the paper.

When I got home I thought there must be a site online for coupons, and I found one

I started that day printing money from my computer and I have saved almost $250 in just 3 months.

Print FREE MONEY from the link above!

Have Fun and enjoy keeping more cash in your wallet.




Article by:doug baugher
Article posted: 2012-06-10 00:26:19