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Article title: Are YOU Making These Youtube Marketing Mistakes? Then Do This...


I was the worst video marketer you could imagine...
Until I put my mistakes on paper, learned from them, avoided them in the future and made a tidy profit.
Below are the two of the biggest mistakes you I see people make on youtube constantly, and they are:
1. Put Up A Few ...
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Date added:2012-02-25 16:00:22 Views:1979

Article title: 8 Bad Azz YouTube Secrets That Boost Your Traffic And Explode Your Sales


I didn't "invent" nor find out about these all by myself. In fact, many I've discovered came from the advice and mentorship of other successful youtube video marketers
who make their living with this stuff.
In no order of particular importance, below you're going to discover 8 bad azz youtube ...
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Date added:2012-02-25 15:57:20 Views:3251

Article title: The Four Facebook Social Marketing Commandments


None of these Facebook commandments are "gospel" (no pun intended), but they are required mastery if you want to explode your social media marketing traffic using Face-book as a gateway to a booming online business.
FB Commandment #1: Thou Shall Have A Powerful Profile 
Facebook profiles are not judged by the words ...
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Date added:2012-02-25 15:52:47 Views:3169

Article title: Here's The Real Reason Why Social Marketing Techniques Kick Bootay


What's all the fuss about social media and why professionals like Perry Belcher -- who recently retired after making over a million dollars in the last two years -- can make half a million dollars a year?
For starters, it's FREE. 
As a social media marketer, you can drive free traffic to ...
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Article title: What Is Content Marketing And How Does That Help You Make More Money?


What is content marketing exactly?
Content marketing is term used to describe everything that involves direct human-to-human contact for the purpose of creating and sharing content to eventually encourage purchases by current or future client base.
Content marketing aims to increase sales with a small budget by delivering quality and valuable information ...
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Date added:2012-02-25 15:47:17 Views:3026