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Article title: Discipline - focusing on the journey, not the destination

One of the most important traits shared by successful people is discipline

Discipline can take on many forms, but it really manifests itself as carrying out a focused, consistent set of actions within a given situation.  Think of discipline as practicing a focused routine.

It has been said that an activity must ...

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Date added:2012-11-03 01:54:41 Views:2092

Article title: Branding - going beyond the profile picture

There is a trend in marketing that began around 2009.

It's called "branding" and it carries with it an immense amount of potential.

Unfortunately, the concept of branding as it relates specifically to online marketing has become watered down and misunderstood by a large number of work-from-home web entrepreneurs.

You see it everywhere.

Just throw your picture on a website ...

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Article title: Two Common Web and Blog Writing Pitfalls to Avoid

PITFALL #1 - Using the Wrong Word

In this day and age of instant communication and abbreviated phrases, it seems that some web-based writers have ignored the ...

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Article title: What do those letters stand for?

An original piece I first wrote in July 2011, I have modified it here specifically for WebsiteBlaze visitors and members.  The added content means this is the only place you'll find this version of this informative article.  I hope you find it a useful, good read.

The advent and subsequent ...

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